6 local beers to warm you up this winter

Atlanta’s craft breweries are in the giving mood this holiday season. The beer makers have responded to the cold, dark days with fittingly similar brews, as stouts, porters, and brown ales have officially replaced the summer’s hoppy and citrus-infused flavors.


Newnan sign pays tribute to its history of homes

The City of Homes sign, which hangs at the top of the Newnan Carnegie Library downtown, is a reference to the city’s most famous nickname and a nod to its reputation for having beautiful, well-preserved homes.

Breakout Role: Despite Growing Pains, Oman’s Tourism Is Booming

Since he started leading tours to Oman in 2000, Peter Gardiner has planned trips for groups of all kinds. In the early days of his England-based company, Omantravel Ltd., Gardiner’s customers were mostly geologists, bird watchers and other niche-interest travelers.