Hello, and thanks for visiting. Here’s a little about myself. I’m a recent graduate from the University of Georgia, where I received Summa Cum Laude honors, earned degrees in History and Political Science and minored in German language. Currently, I’m seeking a master’s degree in magazine journalism from City, University of London.

Through my work at magazines, newspapers and public relations firms, I’ve developed a strong reporting skills, a careful editing eye and, most importantly, a passion for communicating through my writing. This experience has led me to cover a range of styles and topics—writing lifestyle pieces, breaking news stories, travel features, press releases, media pitches and more—but I’m always looking to do more.


As a result, I’ve grown somewhat obsessed with trying my hand at as many different aspects of journalism as I can. I admittedly began writing—back when I had little intentions of making a career out of it—without caring about much more than drafting music reviews and interviewing my favorite bands. Since then, I’ve ultimately decided that I like being a journalist a lot more than I care about what I’m covering.

Ultimately, my goal is to always be developing and bettering myself as a reporter, writer and editor, and I’m willing to take on any opportunity that allows me to do that. After studying culture and language in Freiburg, Germany—and now also pursuing a master’s in London—I’ve also developed a greater passion for travel and finding a job that allows me to work in new places and with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

So whatever brings you here, take a look, poke around and check out some of my work. I’ve included some of my better clips, some contact info and a few special projects I’ve created.